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Growing Tomorrow – One Broker at a Time!
Introducing YOU INC.
PROLINK Broker Network (PBN) is a platform to assist Agents and Brokers establish their own INDEPENDENT Insurance Brokerages. PBN is unique because:
1) Insurer contracts are direct (or transitionally direct) to the new brokerage;
2) Compensation, including CPC’s, are the highest in the Industry;
3) PBN has experienced, reliable support ensuring optimum potential for success!

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How Many Insurance Companies Do I Need?
Learn from our experience!
In Ontario, virtually all of the large Insurance Companies require a contract before they accept business from a Broker. There are certainly many Insurers and Managing General Agents that do not require a contract, but generally these markets are reserved for Commercial policies; or in Personal Lines for substandard Property and Auto policies.
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But independence is the way to go!
Often in business, economies-of-scale mean that BIGGER is BETTER; but this is not always the case especially when it comes to Professional Services (including the brokering of insurance). Professional Service typically means getting knee to knee with patients or clients.
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Building a Better MOUSETRAP…
Setting up YOUR OWN Brokerage
Think you have what it takes to start your own Insurance Brokerage? CEO of PBN, Joe McCabe, talks about his own experience, struggle and success in this short article.
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Widening the Channel
Insurance Brokers Assoc. of Ontario Article
Joe McCabe and Gerry Roberts (the founders of PROLINK Broker Network) have developed a business model that helps brokers achieve the dream of owning and operating their own firm.
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The abcs of opening a business The ABCs of Opening an Independent Brokerage
Posted on

A writer from the popular website recently caught up with Brian Mahon to talk about the PROLINK Broker Network and what it means for young entrepreneurs hoping to start their own firm.
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One ambitious 31 year old How One Ambitious 31 Year-Old Opened His Own Brokerage
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The same website then posted a case study / follow up examining Jordan Manzer and his journey with PBNet to open his own brokerage in New Brunswick.
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Eagen testimonial A Testimonial from A Successful PBNet Broker
Written by Jonathan Eagen of Eagen Insurance Brokers Inc.

Long-time member and PBNet success story Jonathan Eagen wrote a letter to Joe about PBNet and how grateful he is to be a part of the organization.
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More About the PROLINK Broker Network
Why PROLINK is the Fastest Growing
Insurance Operation in Canada

The main reason PROLINK is able to expand so quickly is because we are the owner and operators!

The PROLINK Group has over 60 locations/partners with aggregate premiums in property and casualty in excess of $130,000,000!

Despite the worst recession in 50 years, we believe that PROLINK is the fastest growing (organic growth vs. acquisitions) insurance group in Canada due to a unique business model that puts the emphasis back on local customer service.

Think you have what it takes to start YOUR OWN insurance brokerage?

Get to know Brian Mahon and see if you’re the right fit for our expanding network of insurance professionals.

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